Accurate, high-speed rotary feeding...

The Dump Box Feeder uses a 'dump' principle to deliver rations at high speed to the centre of mangers fitted to rotary parlours.

A large bin is provide for concentrate storage. An electric auger system is recommeded to deliver concentrate to the bin during milking.

Twin electric feeders fill a dump box and optical sensors detect the correct position for the ration to be 'dumped' into the centre of the manger. At this precise moment, the diaphragm valve opens a flap and 'dumps' the ration without halting or slowing the rotary table / platform. The Digital Control prevents feeding from occurring if the table reverses for any reason.

rotary feeder

The kit includes the dump box feeder (illustrated above) and bin, a diaphragm valve, a 12vDC solenoid valve, and Omron transmitter / receiver units. Adjustable cable suspension is supplied for the bin. A Digital Feeder Control and Power Supply Unit are also required.

Not supplied and required on site are a vacuum supply to operate the diaphragm valve and an electric auger system to deliver concentrate to the bin.

The Digital Feeder Control provides an accurate batch feeding solution. Alternatively, the dump box feeder can be connected to the ATL Rotary Auto-ID system for individual feeding based on milk yield or days in milk.

For dump box feeder and bin dimensions please download the Rotary Parlour Feeding Systems leaflet from the link below:

Rotary Parlour Feeding System Leaflet - [320kb]

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