Backing Gates

The Hi-Flow Backing Gate is an electronically controlled backing gate, designed in New Zealand, to be used in rectangular collecting yards. It is designed to keep the milker in the pit, reducing down time and increasing cow throughput in the milking parlour.

The backing gate can be fully controlled from the pit in the milking parlour and also from behind the backing gate itself. A pull cord is fitted running the length of the pit, to move the gate forward - no need to walk to the back of the pit just to press a button to get a few more cows.

The backing gate is designed to reduce stress for both the person milking the cows and also for the cows themselves. The backing gate is not electrified, cows are encouraged to move using a hock bar fitted to the backing gate, this helps to reduce stress in the cows.

Backing GateBacking Gate

The dungbuster washing system can be added to the backing gate to scrape and wash the collecting yard automatically. The dungbuster is lifted on chains to pass safely over the cow’s heads when reversing the gate.

The gate can be designed with varying track heights to allow for cow or tractor access underneath the side tracks.

  • Proven Design – Over 230 In UK, Hundreds More World-wide
  • Strong Fully Galvanised Design
  • Increased Cow Throughput – Cows Are Always Close To The Milking Parlour
  • Reduced Cow Stress – Gate Not Electrified, Cows Are Moved Using A Hock Bar
  • Reduced Operator Stress – Less Time & Effort Getting Cows Into The Milking Parlour
  • Full Control Of The Gate From The Pit – Buttons And Pull Cord
  • Range Of Programs To Suit Different Requirements
  • Dungbuster Wash System Can Be Added – Yard Is Scraped And Washed After Milking
  • The gate can be used to separate two groups of cows

Backing GateBacking Gate

Backing GateBacking Gate













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